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The garage door opener is the device that controls the opening and closing movements of your garage door. The average household uses their opener more than 1,000 times per year, so it is surely a critical feature of your garage. Each one consists of a garage door motor, a garage door trolly, a remote, and an emergency release.

The garage door remote/keypad activates the motor. The motor is connected to the trolly, which does the lifting and lowering of the entire door. The emergency release is a safety precaution that all openers should have. When you pull the release, the trolly disconnects, and you can then move the garage door manually.

Garage door opener installation is a tricky task that requires the knowledge and skill of a professional. With years in this industry, you can count on us to safely and properly repair or install your garage door opener.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door repair, rather than installation, is much more efficient than the reinstallation of a brand-new opener—unless your current opener is unsalvageable. An experienced professional from our team can help carry out repairs caused by any number of reasons.
You may need an opener repair if the gear is broken. Without functioning gears, there is almost no way to control your door. Additionally, you may also have a faulty motherboard or damaged or missing sensors. These are more technical aspects that you probably would not be able to fix with a simple DIY. A professional must complete these repairs. A non-functional wall remote or remote may also be the reason you give us a call for repairs.
No matter the issue with your opener—whether you need repairs or a garage door installation—give us a call, and we would be more than happy to help.

Garage Door Opener Installation

Your garage door may require the installation of a new garage door opener—rather than a garage door opener repair—if it has certain problems.
Opener installation is necessary if you want to replace an old unit. When openers reach a certain age, it is better to replace rather than repair. Finally, a replacement is necessary if your opener undergoes an inspection and does not have sensors. When an opener does not have sensors, this exposes a safety issue and there is no need for an entire garage door installation, but an opener replacement.

Our Garage Door Opener Repair Best Practices

1) The Garage Door Is Not Closing Normally (Sensors)

It is a common issue for doors not to be able to close properly due to faulty sensors. We see this problem all the time, so have no worries if this happens to your door. When completing these repairs, we check the alignment and the height of the sensors as well as the switch.

2) Grinding Noises

After some use, your garage door may start to emit weird, annoying grinding noises. To address this issue, we check the gear located within the opener and verify that everything is working properly.

3) The Remote Keypad or Control of the Garage Door Opener Is Not Responding

When the garage door keypad or the garage door remote does not respond, there is almost no way of entering or exiting your garage efficiently. When you call us about this issue, we check all programming and functionalities of all the keypads and remotes that control the door’s movement. If you have a wall mount garage door opener or universal garage door opener, we can still complete technical repairs on them as well.

4) Opener Reversing Feature Does Not Work

The opener reversing feature is a key safety component of the opener that, when broken, can serve as a threat to you and your door. When we take care of this issue, we always complete a garage door safety check and run tests so that all is good as new.

5) Emergency Release Is Pulled Down

When you pull the garage door emergency release, the trolly disconnects from the motor, and you can move the door manually. However, this means that the door and the opener are disconnected. Therefore, when you try to use the opener, the garage door won’t open. We can help you reattach the connection.

liftmaster garage door opener


Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Chain-driven openers use a metal chain to control the trolly and the movements of the garage door. These are some of the more common types of garage door openers.
Chain-driven openers are commonly used and they are the less expensive option when it comes to purchasing an opener. Since this type of opener uses metal tracks and components, they produce a lot of noise. 


Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Belt-driven openers operate like chain-drive openers, but use a rubber belt to lift and lower the garage door. They are also equipped with a battery backup, that way you can still operate your garage door in case of a power outage. This is the finer type of opener since it produces less noise and is easy to maintain. They are considered elite openers, hence they cost more than chain-drive openers.



Wall mount openers, also called Jackshaft garage door openers, are installed on one of the walls instead of overhanging in the garage. Wall mount openers are ideal and mainly installed in commercial garages or residential garages with a high-lift door.

Brands we work with

We know how important it is that your garage door opener be safe, secure, and properly functioning. As a result, all the brands we work with are of a high-quality standard.
When completing installations, we always work with a LiftMaster garage door opener. However, when carrying out repairs, all our technicians are licensed to fix a Chamberlain garage door opener, a Craftsman garage door opener, and a LiftMaster.

Why Choose A-Team Garage Door Repair?

A-Team Garage Door Repair

You can trust us when it comes to garage door opener repairs and installations. With years of experience, we can successfully and safely address any issues you may have with your opener.
When your opener is not working properly, it is best to call us. Lots of garage door owners feel they can complete a DIY themselves, but they often don’t work and waste time and money in the long run. We make sure that everything is installed properly and complies with all safety regulations. Our experienced, licensed, and professional technicians have the skill to fix your opener safely—and save you money. Call us, A-Team Garage Door Repair, for garage door opener repairs and installations!

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