Garage Door Cable Replacement

Garage Door Cable Repair

A well-executed garage door can last for years, but over time particular elements can start wearing out. If you have a problem with opening and closing the garage door, or you hear some weird noises, or even your garage door is simply stuck in the middle and unwilling to move, you should verify with an expert if your garage door cables need a replacement.

If your garage door is stuck midway and remains open, your home is exposed. If you need to go to work, pick up your kids from school, or the day is heading to its end, you want your home to be closed and protected. We want you to feel safe on your property, and we know that garage door cables can snap unexpectedly. Because of that, we offer same-day service. Our experts are available for you seven days a week.

Snapped garage door cables are the most common problem that can occur, causing stress and worries. Very often, it is impossible to notice this issue without a proper check.

Garage door cable installation can be dangerous, so it is crucial to check the problem and find a solution with a professional’s help.

Hiring a professional to fix your garage doors can save you a lot of stress. By entrusting this work to professionals, you know that it is going to be done properly and safely. In the long run, you also save money and trouble. If a cable is replaced incorrectly, it can quickly snap again and create a danger for the residents of your house. Moreover, if the installation was executed wrongly, they are more likely to rub on other mechanical elements. In effect, they are going to wear away very quickly, causing even more expenses.

Garage door cable issues

Many factors can cause problems with garage door cables. Your garage door is in constant use. Every day its cables have to lift it and lower it safely while opening and closing. Because of that, old cables can snap as they wear away.
Some cables or their parts are made of metal. Your garage door is constantly exposed to the weather. Whether it is intense sun or heavy rain, they fulfill their function. Over time, especially if your garage tends to gather humidity, cables can gather rust that can cause problems with opening or even break the door cables.
Sometimes your cables can get jammed in the mechanism, and because of that, you are not going to be able to open or close your garage doors. Another reason for this problem can be unwound cables.
Snapped garage door cables require special attention. Technicians from A-Team Garage Door Repair have years of experience in repairing broken garage doors. They can handle all the mentioned issues and fix your broken garage door cables.

Garage Door Cable Repair

Types of Garage Door Cables

To lift and lower a garage door securely, there are two types of cables installed in each mechanism. They play an important function, and if one of the cables snaps, the door is going to stop working properly.

Lift Cables

The lift cables are connected to the garage door torsion springs and are attached to the bottom part of the door. They are responsible for lifting the weight of the panels and allowing you to open your garage door.
You may notice a problem with the lift cables if your door doesn’t want to open or close or is jamming when you try to do it. Specialists from A-Team Garage Door Repair can quickly identify all underlying issues and provide a solution. They can safely repair or remove broken cables.

Retaining Cables

Retaining cables are security cables located inside the garage door extension springs. Springs are important for the secure lifting and lowering of the doors, but when they get broken, they can create danger and even cause death if they pop out of the door at high speed. The main role of retaining cables is to prevent the springs from flying away from the door if they break.
When this type of garage door cable breaks, you may hear some squeaky noises. Moreover, your door mechanism can automatically stop working when opening. In this case, it is a good thing, as if the door moves, the spring can pop out, causing tremendous damage to your property or even leading to serious injuries.
If you suspect that this is the situation you are facing, don’t wait any longer, and don’t risk your loved one’s health or even life. Contact specialists as soon as possible. At A-Team Garage Door Repair, we have everything that is needed to deal with these kinds of jobs.

Why Choose A-Team Garage Door Repair?

A-Team Garage Door Repair

Broken cables can cause extra tension or pressure on the other parts of the mechanism, leading to their damage. A garage door is very heavy, and it can create serious danger if it is handled improperly. If the problem lies in retaining cables, a spring can pop out, creating a potentially life-threatening situation. Please, don’t put your life in danger, and don’t try to fix the issue yourself. Repairing a garage requires particular knowledge that allows you to perform the process safely. It is necessary to comply with safety regulations.

If you hire a professional, you can be sure that all the underlying issues are addressed. An expert is going to proceed with an inspection and check the general performance of the door. They can verify if anything could lead to unnatural wearing of the cable and adjust it so that you can enjoy a smoothly working door for longer.

Technicians from A-Team Garage Door Repair have great expertise in garage door cable replacement. They can prove their skills with a license and years of experience. By choosing our services, you give yourself security that you will receive professional help. Entrust A-Team Garage Door Repair and enjoy a safe and long-lasting solution for your garage door.

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